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In front of St. Peter Mancroft Church Norwich

In front of St. Peter Mancroft Church, Norwich

To travel the world is everyone’s dream. However, since it will require a lot of money to live that dream, we have to work really hard and save money to make it happen (unless you were born a millionaire). For common people, it’s either they save up for their dream vacation overseas OR work to different places — which is the best option I think.

I’ve been to different places in the Philippines when I worked as a band vocalist/singer, and we stayed in hotels or bars for not less than a month. Training with the band members in a “Talent/Training house or studio” is not included yet. So I was really out of the house when I was 17 years old. Music is my passion and traveling is just one of the perks that I got from it.

Eventually, due to medical reasons, I had to stop singing and think about my health for the meantime. Even so, it is not a really bad time for me because that means I can hone my other interest, which is photography, and I can still travel every now and then.

Right now, I am visiting my boyfriend in the United Kingdom and will be here for five months. Though it is not my first time to live overseas, but this is my first time to be in a European country. I lived in South Korea for a year, and since it is in Asia, their culture is a bit the same to the Philippines whereas UK is way too different from them.

In my upcoming blogs, I will write about my experiences in UK from the moment I applied for my UK visa to the places, food, and activities that I’ve had here in this wonderful place.

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