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Understanding My British Boyfriend

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British and Americans both use the English language as their mother tongue, but aside from their accents, what are the other differences between the two nations?

The English language is the universal language as we all know. It could be used as a second language or just a foreign language by other countries aside from the US and the UK. The British Empire had a big part of spreading this language throughout the world, including North America, through colonization. They established English as the language of every country under their power until the empire fell apart after the WWII. Then by the start of the 20th century, the United States of America emerged politically and economically. During their military domination, they carried on using English as their language and influenced countries in the most part of the globe. South-East Asia, including my country, the Philippines, is greatly influenced by the Americans in all aspects.

Having said that, whenever I talk to a westerner, they always notice (first) my accent, then they will tell me that I speak well in English. For someone who worked in a BPO company in the Philippines, they can definitely relate to this scenario.

I’ve mentioned from my previous blog about my dilemma understanding my partner’s vocabulary and sometimes ending up in a petty argument about which proper words to use (well, I can’t really argue with that). However, the point is, I speak American English, and he is a British! so to end the argument about it, I submitted myself in learning some of their words.
Here are some words that I have learned and got used to during my stay in the UK:


Disclaimer: There are tons of words to consider but these are the ones mostly used in our household. So if you don’t understand what they’re saying, just simply ask. And don’t be too worried about not understanding them, as long as you can communicate, you’ll be alright.


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