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3 Must-Try Foods In England


Every place in the world has its own special food that they are very proud of. And a vacation to a place will never be complete if you will not try their food. So today, I will give you the three must-try foods in England.

1. Full British Breakfast, Fry Ups

A British breakfast to fuel my day

A British breakfast to fuel my day

Starting the day with a huge plate of fried foods, this lovely meal is like heaven for the big breakfast eaters. Though this is not an everyday breakfast for a busy person, it is a well-known meal in the United Kingdom. Usually served in cafes, this mouth-watering fry ups will definitely charge your energy for a whole day trip. The plate is filled with sausages, bacon, eggs, black pudding (a type of blood sausage), baked beans, toasts, fried tomatoes, and mushrooms. Of course, don’t forget your coffee or tea!

It may not be a healthy breakfast (oil! Eeek!) but who doesn’t love fried foods? Come on, bacon? Who can resist that? So for the first day of your UK trip, forget your diet and write this on your checklist.

2. Fish and Chips

Fish and chips wrapped in a papers

Fish and chips wrapped in a paper

No, I’m not talking about crispy chips (like Pringles or any junk food) here, and yes; it comes along with fish! Don’t worry, I also cringed when I first heard it.

Basically, this tandem consists of white fish (baked or fried; I don’t know how they did it) covered with batter, and hot chips (also known as fries) dashed with salt and vinegar. This is an exciting meal to try especially for the fish lovers!

Usually wrapped in papers or carry-on styrofoam plates, this meal is very famous in England. An easy way to fill your tummy without a need to go into a restaurant because you can get this from any chips shops around the area you are visiting.

3. Sunday Roast

Sunday roast: a plate full of vegies, roast pork, with stuffing and Yorkshire pudding topped with gravy

Sunday roast: a plate full of vegies, roast pork, with stuffing and Yorkshire pudding topped with gravy

Another must-try meal to go on your list is this delicious meat roast!

Also known as Sunday roast, it could be pork, turkey or most of the time beef. Traditionally shared by English families every weekend gatherings (hence called Sunday Roast), this is as well what they serve during Christmas time. Imagine a huge plate filled with slices of roasted meat with vegetables, stuffing, Yorkshire pudding, roast or mashed potato on the side then topped with gravy; will definitely make you full and sickly satisfied.

It is quite a hard work to prepare so it’s better to look for the nearest rotisserie place in your area. Don’t worry, they serve it in other days aside from Sundays.
I hope you will try these meals during your visit in the UK. just remember that in every place you go, a trip will never be complete if you don’t try their food. As what Deborah Cater said, “you have to taste a culture to understand it.”


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3 thoughts on “3 Must-Try Foods In England

    1. Gracie Surio Post author

      Oh yes! I tried those as well. And also curry and sweet chili flavored. Love them all, but my most favorite is just plain salt and vinegar. That’s something we don’t do in the Philippines!

  1. Iza Abao

    I have eaten fish and chips. It is a really good combination. I live in the Philippines. There’s one restaurant in Manila which I ordered this dish. It was good but I did not feel that the fish was fresh.
    The full British breakfast and Sunday Roast look delicious too. I would prefer to share these meals with a friend.

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