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My Dinosaur Adventure Experience

Dinosaur Adventure

Last Saturday, we went to the Dinosaur Adventure Park in Norwich with our friends and their families. It was full of fun and excitement that even we had to walk the whole day, we never felt tired (until we got home).

Arriving at the park. We woke up late from the usual that morning (I thought my partner set his alarm, and he thought I will wake up early to wake him up). So, we needed to be at the park around half past ten in the morning to meet our friends, and we were rushing to prepare our packed lunch and picnic snacks. It was around 30 minutes drive from our place going to the park and my partner’s grumpy the whole time. Fortunately, we arrived there about 10 minutes before our friends came.

Dinosaur Adventure Park Dinosaur Adventure Park

Dinosaur Adventure Park

Here’s a tip: Pre-book your tickets days before going because it is a bit cheaper than paying on the spot when you get there. And it’s less hassle to fall in line, too. We were lucky that it was not too crowded that day. Maybe because the weather was cloudy and there were showers every now and then.

Entrance. Upon entering, we were given a map of the whole park and on the other side of the paper was a stamp collection form that you have to fill to get a medal in return. The stamp stations were scattered all over the place, and we had to search for it (gotta catch ’em all!). They also gave us a schedule of that day’s events.

Dinosaur Adventure ParkDinosaur Adventure Park

The Lost World A-mazing Adventure. We first went through the maze, and I would say, it was a bit confusing. Don’t worry, you won’t be lost there. They have guided paths to know where to go, but sometimes it will lead you to a dead end. We were lucky that the kids were running around a bit ahead of us, and they will tell us which way to go (saved us energy, whew!). Basically, it is a part of the woods with maze paths and huge dinosaurs(statues) hiding behind the trees and bushes. I enjoyed it because there were also signs of their names and description of what kind of dinosaurs they were.

Playground all around. What really amazed me about this park was that they’ve got playpens everywhere, different types, heights, and different age levels. Kids won’t have to be crowded into just one place and wait for their turn.

Dinosaur AdventureDinosaur Adventure

The picnic. After a long walk in the maze, we looked for a spot where we can have our lunch. It was not a problem to find one because picnic tables were everywhere; under the trees, under the sun, near the playground, or near the water park; you have choices. If you don’t have a packed lunch with you, don’t worry because they have cafes, snack shops, and restaurants all around. You’ll just have to look at your map for the nearest one.

Dinosaur trail. After our lunch, we went into the Dinosaur trail/track. Upon entering, there were signs about challenges looking for the T-Rex tracks. There were some stamp stations as well and they’ve got bigger dinosaur statues here. It was a longer trail than the maze and there were stations where you can have a rest.

Tea/Coffee break. It was a long track and a bit cold that made us thirsty. And while waiting for the sheep dog demonstration, we’ve decided to have something to drink. We were at the lower side of the park, and you will see some visitors coming down through the Jurassic Skywire (zip line). We stayed at the Gardener’s Cottage Tea Rooms for a while, had some coffee while kids enjoyed their ice cream and lollies.

Sheep Dog demonstration. We went for a little walk to watch the sheep dog demonstration after our coffee. The dogs were so smart and very attentive to their owner. From there, you can also see the deer sanctuary from afar. You are not allowed to get near, though you could if you pay for a Deer Safari experience.

The secret animal garden. If you want to see live animals, there’s a mini zoo near the Gardener’s Cottage Tea Room. There you’ll find tortoises, sheep, goat, kangaroo, hogs, chickens, rabbits, hamsters, snakes and lizards. There are events in the Animal Encounter Barn as well where a presenter will let you get closer with some of the animals.

The Medal. After we’ve completed the stamps, we went to the Medal Collection Point. You also have a choice of what kind of dinosaur you want on your medal. NOTE: Medals are only for 15 years old and below (sorry, Moms and Dads).


Dippy’s Splash Zone. After a long day of walking, we’ve decided to go to the water park to let the kids play and cool down. It was a very nice place to beat the summer heat (even it’s a bit cloudy) where parents could just sit around and relax while watching their kids get wet and have fun. It has fountains and pole showers, but the kids’ favorite part was the massive bucket that pours a huge amount of water when full.

Dinosaur Adventureimage

Other fun activities. In addition, there were other enjoyable kinds of stuff to do like the mini golf and cart race where you can play for free. If you want to play indoors, they’ve got an electronic car track and another play area with higher slides.

It was a day full of fun in the Dinosaur Adventure park, and it was one of the memories that I will treasure during my stay in the UK. Some say that it wasn’t a good summer this year due to the weather condition, but I still enjoyed it. And I definitely recommend going to Dinosaur Adventure park for a family day filled with fun and excitement!

You can visit their website: Dinosaur Adventure Park

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