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My Short Trip In London

When I was a kid, I loved watching English movies and cartoons like Princess Sarah, Cedie, The Secret Garden, and other movies that have the United Kingdom as their settings. Growing up, I started to like love stories that were shot in London. I am always fascinated by the wonderful history of the city and its lovely buildings and structures. Then 2016 came. I never thought that I would be able to see them in real life.

My Short trip In London

This blog is about my wonderful and unforgettable trip in London.

Day 1:

Planning ahead.

We only had two days in London, so we planned the places to go to for a day. With the help of the Google map, and the printed map that we got from the hotel lobby, we’ve decided to 20160807_214927go to places far from our hotel first. We stayed in Comfort Inn on Buckingham Palace Road near the Victoria Coach Station, which was a very nice and affordable place. It was small but clean and quiet, though you’ll have to bring your toiletries (good thing that I always do).


The Tower Bridge.

We first went to the Tower Bridge. But we needed to ride the underground tube to get there

the Tower Bridge

the Tower Bridge

because it was far from where we’re staying. However, they don’t have jeepneys in London, so I really had no choice. From Victoria station, we went down to the tube to Monument station. Few minutes from there, then we saw a very beautiful skyscraper, the Shard. Following the path of the Shard, we went through a small street that led us

the Shard

the Shard

to the River Thames, and there we saw the spectacular view of the Tower Bridge (on our left) and the London Bridge (on our right). There was a path going to the Tower Bridge and at the end, you will see the Tower of London itself. We were not able to get inside so we just enjoyed the view of the tower from the outside.




St. Paul’s Cathedral.

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

We felt like we were in a hurry that day, so we really didn’t stay in one place for more than an hour. Our next stop was the St. Paul’s Cathedral, which was around 25 minutes away from the Tower Bridge (by foot). The weather was very nice that day, and it was a perfect time to roam around London. The cathedral is massive by looking at it from the front view. And you will also notice that there were pre-nuptial photo shoots here and there aside from the tourists taking their selfies.

Museum of London.

Entrance of Museum of London

Entrance of Museum of London narrating the Great Fire of London

If you’re into museums, you might as well visit the Museum of London. Few minutes walk away from St. Paul’s Cathedral, the museum is full of history about different eras of the city. There was a fascinating story about the cat who escaped the Great Fire of London, which was drawn at the entrance of the said museum. No entrance fee needed to get inside, but if you want a map, you will have to pay £1 for it. They also have a shop where you can buy your souvenirs!

The story of the cat who survived from the Great Fire of London

The story of the cat who survived from the Great Fire of London

The British Museum.

The British Museum

The British Museum

Another museum to visit is the British Museum. Quite bigger than the first museum we went to, that we were not able to finish the whole trip there. Tourists were everywhere that you cannot get a good selfie without photo bombers. We arrived there a bit late so we just stayed for less than an hour until someone told us that they were about to close down. Oh well, we’ll visit that museum again, and we’ll make sure to spend a whole day for it!

inside the British Museum

inside the British Museum

The Buckingham Palace.

Since it was a bit late to get into museums, we’ve decided to head back to the hotel and had

the Buckingham Palace

the Buckingham Palace

our dinner. After that, we went to the Buckingham Palace as it is just near from where we were. It was getting late, and the sun was setting by the time we reached it, but tourists were still everywhere and taking selfies (so were we!).



St. James Park.
The primary plan was to have an evening walk in the Hyde Park near the Buckingham Palace. However, I figured that I wanted to catch the Palace of Westminster in the night

sunset in St. James Park

sunset in St. James Park

time,so I asked my partner that we could just go to the St. James Park instead. He was quite a bit annoyed when I suddenly changed my mind.

It was a bit dark that time, and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to get a good night picture if I don’t have my tripod. So again… I changed my mind! I know my partner was kind of irritated as I didn’t know he has a plan there.

I said "yes!"

I said “yes!”

To make the story short, we were going back to the hotel when he dragged me to one of the bushes there, but I thought he was up to something nasty, so I dragged him back to the path going outside the park. Then he suddenly went down to his one knee and popped the question! I was shocked and surprised that everything went black and all I could hear was myself asking if that was real or was he making fun of me. I know he was saying a lot of things that moment, but I didn’t understand any of it. I just came back to my senses when he asked me what’s my answer and he’s a bit worried because I was not answering his questions. Well, of course, I said yes and could not stop crying when I realized it was real. So, um, yes! We’re engaged!

Day 2:

The London Eye.

the London Eye

the London Eye

We were booked to be back in Norwich around 4 in the afternoon, so we know we don’t have much time that day. After breakfast, we went to the London Eye. The cue to ride it was very long, so we just went to the play park for a few minutes. You can also find the Shrek Adventure, London Dungeon, and London Aquarium in this area.


The Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

the Big Ben

Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben

From the area of the London Eye, you could see the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. So we walked across the Westminster Bridge, which was a perfect place to take pictures of both tourists spots. Unfortunately, the Houses of Parliament was under construction that time (and so as many places in London).

We went back to the St. James Park to take better pictures of “the spot” where my fiance proposed. Then we head to the Wellington Barracks and the Hyde Park. We needed to head back the hotel after our lunch to get our things; however, we still managed to stop at a souvenir shop and get a remembrance.


It was just a very short visit to London, and we could’ve done more if we stayed there longer, however, we still enjoyed the whole trip (including the Bognor Regis). We know that there will be another time to visit the magnificent city of London in the future. Even so, this trip was the most memorable and unforgettable ever!

Watch out for my next blogs about OTHER places to visit in London and how to survive the complicated underground tube!

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