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Singkaban Festival: Indakan Sa Kalye 2016


Singkaban Festival: Indakan sa Kalye 2016

Singkaban 2016

Hello, Philippines!

So, I’m back in my home country and was just right in time to attend the annual celebration of Singkaban Festival!

First of all, this is my second time to witness/attend this festival, particularly the Indakan sa Kalye (street dance competition). Since I got into photography, I never had a chance to Singkaban 2016experience it beacuse I was either on my white collar job or I was out of town?country as a band singer. The street dance was always on a weekday (I don’t know why, but most of the festivals that I’ve been to, their street dance competition is on a weekday). Anyways, I am grateful that I came back in the Philippines days before the said event.


But wait! What is Singkaban? to all my non-Filipino friends, literally, it is a bamboo scraped and designed to be an arch used as a welcome signage for occasions like feast days, weddings, and birthdays in the provinces. I remember when I was a kid, I always see this kind of designed bamboos when I go to town fiestas. On the other hand, it is also known as a week-long festival in Bulacan, a province in the central part of the Philippines; every September, called the Sining at Kalinangan ng Bulacan (Arts and Culture of Bulacan).

As what I’ve mentioned above, it is a week-long celebration conducted in Malolos City, the capital of Bulacan. It was inaugurated last September 8th (though I think the dates are not the same every year, but it’s always around September).

Singkaban 2016

The highlights of this festival includes:

  • Parada ng Karosa (float parade)
  • Exhibits everywhere; food, book, history of Bulacan, etc.
  • Exhibit of the first Larawang Bulakenyo (Bulacan Tourism Photography Competition)
  • Concerts of local astists from the Philippines; Parokya ni Edgar and Jose Mari Chan
  • Pasiklaban sa Singkaban (Battle of the Bands)
  • Hari at Reyna ng Bulacan (King and Queen of Bulacan; beauty contest)
  • Indakan sa kalye (street dance competition)


Singkaban 2016Singkaban 2016

It was my second year to witness the street dance competition, but due to the bad weather condition (welcome to the Philippines’ wet season!), everything was not executed as planned. Even so, I still enjoyed it!


Singkaban 2016

14th of September, 2016, when twelve competitors from different towns of Bulacan came to showcase their talents in dancing. Wearing their extravagant costumes and colorful props, they danced on the street and impressed the spectators with their very energetic choreography. And after the street dance, they dazzled the judges with their dynamic dance moves that exhibited their town’s products, culture, and traditions through a dance showdown!

But of course, the most thrilling part of the day was the announcement of the winners of the street dance competition. And the winners of the Indakan sa Kalye 2016 are:

  • Best in Costume: Angel Festival (Municipality of San Rafael)
  • Best in Street Dance: Disposorio Festival (Municipality of Hagonoy)
  • Consolation Prizes: Suguran Festival (City of Meycauayan)

                                         Fiestang Santa Maria (Municipality of Santa Maria)

                                         Salubong Festival (Municipality of Plaridel)

  • 2nd Runner-up: Angel Festival (Municipality of San Rafael)
  • 1st Runner-up: Halamanan Festival (Municipality of Guiguinto)
  • CHAMPION: Disposorio Festival (Municipality of Hagonoy)


Congratulations to all the winners on this year’s Indakan sa Kalye. And please watch out for the other festivals in Bulacan and other parts of the Philippines that I will post on my website! 

Please visit this Gallery for more photos! 

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  1. Wajiha

    This is so cool ! Looks so much fun..
    Thanks for sharing.. cuz living in the other part of world just doesn’t makes us realise how creative some ppl can be 🙂 luv the colors around !

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